About Stevian Forte

Why go natural?


Many artificial sweeteners contain harmful additives that have been known to be detrimental to health and wellbeing. Our natural Stevian Forte is free of controversial ingredients such as aspartame.


Like the fruit on the trees and the vegetables in the earth, our Stevian Forte sweetener is not chemically altered to be sweet and delicious – it just comes that way!

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Stevian Forte


Not harmful to diabetic people

There’s a good reason why the FDA certifies this product as ideal for diabetics.

The revolution on sweeteners

The process of manufacture for this product contains methods that purify and encapsulate the good things out of stevia leaves, leaving you with a simple and productive product what will surely transform your life.

It’s more than just leaves

The Stevian Forte grains are treated in a way that creates an outer lining that’s digested off in the intestine, that protects your tonsils from feeling that bitter aftertaste.

The healthy choice

Reduces blood glucose (your body assumes it’s eating sugar, not a supplement, and acts accordingly).