Have you ever thought about the power of food to change your life? I’m sure that if you’re craving something, you inevitably make the association of happiness to getting that craving. And most of us know exactly what we’re craving for: something sweet. But what if I told you that you’re risking yourself to one of the most silent addictions of the modern world? That’s right: sugar. And taking on this refined sugar cane product can be harming your health, big time. That’s why the key to a healthy life is none other than knowing how to take a more holistic approach to sweets.

Why is sugar so harmful to a healthy life?

On average, people are consuming over 70 daily grams of sugar, more than twice the indicated amount for healthy adults. And that’s only in cases where people take measures to reduce their sugar intake! But why does this happen? Well, you’re not the only one to blame, your environment is designed to make you eat more and more sugar. Most of the modern products you can find in the aisles of any store contain a lot of sweeteners, mostly glucose, fructose and other derivatives. These are, without a doubt, the added ‘extra’ that makes products addictive. And this is not a statement to take lightly.

Sugar rush, much like the gold rush, is almost unstoppable. Our organisms are used to consuming large amounts of sugar, and they’re tuned to it. Ever felt lagging or sluggish without sugar? Antsy and anxious, craving for something sweet? Then you’re in the fast lane, if not already on the sugar-addicted path. Believe it or not, this is something that happens. Studies have certified the addictive potential of refined sugar. And this is something incredibly dangerous.

What are the adverse effects of sugar? How does this white and seemingly innocuous product get in the way of your health?

Actions to be more conscious about sugar

Now that you know the damage this element can do to you, it’s time to take a more wholesome approach to it. You need to take action to ensure that you have the best life possible, staying away from things that might hamper your experiences in the future. Ready to know some steps to improve your life by kicking off sugar?


However, you must know something: to have a healthy lif, you don’t have to give up sweets entirely. In the modern market, other alternatives have arisen to cover the fact that your old and trustable sugar is no longer the right thing to have. Options, such as Stevian Forte, have become the best way to have sweetness, without risks associated with refined sugar. This is your chance to experience it first hand. Join a legion of stevia lovers and be part of the #SteviaChallenge. You can change your life, right now!

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