How does metabolism work? Is it the same for everyone? How can I speed up mine? There are many questions people ask themselves when interested to improve their health or want to lose some weight. But most people don’t know what metabolism is and what it does to our bodies. Anyway, here we explain everything. Keep reading to know if it’s possible to accomplish it.

Boost your metabolism, here we tell you how

First of all, let’s explain what metabolism is. It is a set of physical and chemical processes and reactions that are attached to a cell. It takes every food we ingest as gas and transform it into energy; the same energy we use to do everything, from breathing to moving. It is responsible for making your cells work properly. There are two processes metabolism does: catabolic, which is in charge of liberating energy; and anabolic, which uses this energy to recompose chemical bonds and build other components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids.

You can suffer from some diseases when metabolism isn’t working right in your body

Knowing all this information, we inform you there are no scientific facts that affirm if it’s possible to speed your metabolism up. Anyway, we give you some tips to stay healthy and help you to lose some weight by improving your organism to work better. We clarify that there is no miracle happening if you don’t do the right things.

What can you do?

So, it is a myth that you can boost your metabolism, but don’t be disappointed: we gave you ways of helping your body to get the results you expect! Be disciplined, and you’re going to achieve anything you want. Keep in mind that is always important to have a healthy routine to improve your life.

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