Stevian Forte wants to make sure you are aware of the dangers of sugar and sweeteners, and what kind of side-effects are caused by consuming the wrong products. We are a sweetener brand inspired by people with diabetes, hence why we offer the highest quality as a sugar substitute. Keep reading for more information.

Why do we like sugar and sweeteners so much?

We love sugar because of its taste and because it helps us replenish energy and store fat, both of which are necessary for our daily activity. Furthermore, eating sweets releases serotonin in our brain, which is one of the chemicals that are responsible for causing happiness; in short, eating sweets makes us happy. However, we have to be very careful of how we include sugar and sweeteners into our diet.

Since sugar causes chemical reactions in our brains that make us feel good, it can get very addictive. We also have to remember that our bodies can only process certain amounts of it, and by surpassing said amounts, this substance will be transformed into extra fat in our bodies, more than we burn with our daily routine. This is the reason why it is one of the leading causes of obesity in the world.

You have to be careful and keep an eye on any product you’re about to ingest, which is why it is essential to read the nutrition fact labels. Sugar has different names, don’t give companies the power to trick you by using terminology you’re unfamiliar with, such as lactose, glucose, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, sucralose, sucrose or agave.

To further clarify: lactose, glucose, and fructose are types found in some foods. Lactose is natural from milk and dairy products; fructose can be found in fruits (one of the most popularly used sources of fructose in commercial products is corn syrup); and glucose is the simplest form found inside living organisms. Meanwhile, sucralose is an artificial sweetener, sucrose is the name given to the commercial table sugar we all know, and agave is a plant like Stevia rebaudiana, which can be used as a sweetener as well. When reading nutritional fact labels we should also consider that carbohydrates, once digested, are transformed into glucose by our bodies.

Sweeteners are also consumed in high amounts by people who think they’re just replacing the sweetness of processed sugar with a healthy alternative when in reality not all are healthy. You must know that some factories use 50 percent of sucralose and 50 percent of stevia or saccharin, and mix them to create artificial products. It’s always better to give a detailed look to the nutrition labels when choosing a substitute. Make sure it’s made 100% from stevia, which is a natural option perfect for our bodies because it causes no harm for our health. That’s why Stevian Forte is a safe choice.

What are the danger of sugar and sweeteners in our bodies and health?

Don’t waste another second using these unhealthy substances and give a sweet touch to your foods and drinks with Stevian Forte. We are a healthy option to sweeten your life! Continue reading our blog and get to know us better. Follow us on social media and join our community.

Sugar and sweetener should be manipulated with care.

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