These recipes are perfect for those moments: a couple of hours after lunch, when you really want to get something to eat and do not know what can it be. Here, we offer you easy, healthy snacks for these moments of anxiety. Continue reading.

Why is good to prepare healthy snacks?

Get used to eating a snack twice a day, one for the morning and the other for the afternoon. This helps you to control the glucose in your blood, insulin, and appetite. Your energy is going to be balanced during the day, you’ll be more focused on what you’re doing, and your body will quickly burn calories. It is okay to consume a maximum of 500 calories in snacks per day.

Make smart choices and control portions!

Some healthy snacks you don’t even need to cook them:


Try these ones or adjust them to your taste. Make sure to include good fats, protein, and carbs to all your meals.

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Is not necessary to eat the same snack every day! Use your cooking abilities in the kitchen.

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