Practicing a sport is always good for your health, body, and mind, swimming keeps you active, focused, motivated and in good shape. Plus, it does good to your muscles, organs and many other things. This is an excellent option for anyone to practice, is very popular and it is a low impact activity that helps you physically and mentally. Great way to keep yourself fit! Keep reading.

Benefits of swimming

  1. The only requirement to practice it is to know how to swim. Unless you’re suffering from some medical condition and you are not allowed to swim; if not the case, you’re ready to go!
  2. It has a low impact because is a water activity but still works your whole body out.
  3. You can practice it for a lifetime! If you are really into it, there is no age limit to swim.
  4. You don’t need to be a slave of this sport. You can go to the pool 3 or 4 times a week and you’re going to get excellent results anyway.
  5. Swimming and a healthy diet are the perfect couple to stay fit.
  6. It is a safe option for people suffering from arthritis, injuries, disabilities or other issues that make challenging to practice high impact sports.
  7. Burns loads of calories! An hour of swimming means 423 burned calories for a 160 pounds person at low or moderate pace. The same person would bun 715 calories swimming the same time but with a faster pace.
  8. Is a good way to make new friends!
  9. It keeps your lungs healthy! So is recommended to people with asthma.
  10. Relief stress.

Other benefits of swimming and some recommendations

Some of the recommendations to include in your swimming routine are: do some strokes such as butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke. You can ask for an expert to help you perfect these styles. Also, safety is important! If you’re new to this sport, take some lessons first. Try to practice always in swimming areas. Make sure lifeguards are there. If there aren’t bodyguards, ask a friend to join you. Always use sunscreen to protect your skin. Don’t forget to drink water and keep yourself hydrated. Do not ever let kids without supervision in a swimming pool.

If you are really into this, you might consider getting the right equipment. Swimsuit, goggles, bathing cap are basics.

Don’t forget to eat healthily if you’re giving swimming a chance! The objective is to enjoy what you’re doing. You can also compete in swimming if you want to but you need to have a certain level of experience. Go and experience swimming! It can change your life for good.

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Keep in mind the perks of doing sports! Swimming is a great option.

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