Have you ever caught yourself thinking “Oh, I’m tired” or “I’m feeling really blue” throughout the day for no apparent reason? Sometimes those sensations come from a seemingly innocent culprit: sugar. As you surely know, our body works based on it, and while for some it’s fairly normal to have sugar rushes and low, for others is incredibly tiresome. But others have broken the secret spell: how to lift up your mood through a healthy meal. That’s why today, we’ll to teach you how to do just that!

Lift up your mood with meals

Now, what do you know about nutrition? For sure, more than food comes in, energy goes up. It’s more complex than that. Every bite we take is full of components that once broken down in our body, can lead to a chain reaction of sorts. This varies depending on the kind of meal we just had, the size and the time we’ve been without having any meals.

The longer the time without eating, the more complex the chain. Now, consider this: if your body goes for more than 3 hours of your waking time without a meal, it will start to act up. How? Simply by changing your mood. And that’s not a false statement: studies have shown a direct correlation between bad mood and nutritional issues, mostly the lack of meals over the course of some hours.

That’s why nutritionists and other health experts recommend having at least 3 full meals a day, with 2 to three snacks peppered in between those meals. This to make sure that blood sugar and nutrition stay at perfect levels, helping us stay focused and sharp. As you can see, it’s a matter of health more than habit!

What can you do to stay healthy and lift up your mood through meals?

Now that you have some tips on how to make healthy choices in your diet, what are you waiting to lift up your mood through it! Kick off bad habits, and make sure to add some 30 minutes of any physical activity throughout the day. It could be walking or even going up and down a set of stairs! Your body and your mood will thank you for it!

At Stevian Forte, we know how hard it is to take more healthy and conscious choices. For that reason, we’ll bring you the best tips for a healthy lifestyle through habits that encourage a good nutrition and a life with sweets in it. Of course, made with an alternative that’s sweet, without bitterness. Check out the rest of the website for more information about our product.

Ever thought of the power of eating for your future? You’re in front of a great healthy alternative.


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