A lot of people wonders if it’s okay to workout while sick. Many of them abstain themselves from exercising, and others push themselves into doing it while feeling down. But, which is the right way to deal with a sickness or a malaise? Staying strong or resting for a couple of days? Keep reading here to find out!

Work out while sick, is it the best for you?

Germs and bacterias are everywhere so is normal to get an infection or a cold once in a while. Thanks to our immune system that prevent us from getting sick all the time, because it is responsible for fighting against these pathogens so they don’t affect us as much as they could. As we grow up, the immune system gets stronger, but it doesn’t mean that we are invincible. When defenses are a bit low is important to take extra care of ourselves because that’s when problems come. There are multiple reasons why our defenses can go down:

So whether exercising when you’re feeling sick is the best for you, depending on your symptoms is the answer. When you feel like a common cold, is recommendable to do some cardio or some exercise of low-intensity such as yoga, walking at a slow pace and so on. Avoid to workout at high intensity. If your symptoms are a bit worse than a common cold, stay quiet. Wait until you feel more stable to go back to your routine! High-intensity exercise when you’re sick will not help you to get better; it’ll do the opposite.

When is it okay to exercise at low-intensity?

If you feel these symptoms (if they are not too intense) is okay to do a light workout:

In this case: move, walk, do some yoga, do cardio for 30-40 mins, do not spend the entire day laying in bed.

When is not okay to workout?

Is not okay to workout when you feel these symptoms:

Or any other symptom that is a real impediment to exercise. If it gets any worse, go to the doctor. Try not to self-medicate, is always better an expert opinion. Make the right choices for your health.

If you are afraid to abandon your workout routine while you’re sick, don’t worry, a couple of days off do not harm. Your body will not change much if you spend some days resting, but eat healthily while recovering. Two weeks with no exercise is what takes to lose some muscle mass. Don’t forget to eat properly, wash your hands, do not over-exercise, sleep eight hours a day, try to stay calm and this will help your immune system to prevent any sickness.

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Most of the times it isn’t. You need to be careful.

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