French toast are delicious, but the traditional recipe is not very healthy. Of course, you can try the conventional method once in a while, but here we present you this idea that you can introduce into your regular diet. It’s very delicious and you will not miss traditional French toasts; plus, you’ll be eating healthier.

Ingredients for gluten-free French toast


Mix all the ingredients, except for the bread, and put them into the blender. Once they are well mixed and shook, place the mixture in a bowl and proceed to wet the bread into it (make sure the slices absorb it pretty well). After that, spatter a pan with a non-stick spray for cooking and prepare the toasts. Do not let them dry much. When they’re done, serve them in a plate and add any toppings of your preference: bananas, strawberries, natural peanut butter, natural maple syrup. The toppings are up to you and your taste.


In case you’re looking for other alternatives to make this recipe, here we show you some:

French toasts are an excellent recipe for a delicious breakfast. Provide you the 3 types of food you need: carbohydrates, protein, and good fats. Also, is pretty simple to cook and the ingredients are easy to find. You probably have everything you need to eat this tasty meal at home!

All of the recipes we give you here are totally adjustable to you and your needs. We are just giving you ideas. We want to show you that is possible to make all foods healthily. You do not have to quit some foods to stay healthy: you need to change the ingredients for the preparation. Anyway, they’ll be as delightful as the traditional ones (or even more).

We hope you enjoy this recipe! Dare yourself to try healthier food. You’ll feel awesome.

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