Diabetes is listed among the most common health issues in 2018. A good percentage of the population suffers from it: 9.4%; meaning more than 100 million adults in the US live with the condition, or are pre-diabetic. This creates a big health issue as this condition is also among the top 10 causes of death in the US. But diabetic people have restored to something as dangerous as the sickness itself: restrictive diet plans. These are without a doubt, the bane of the existence of them, and it can lead them to incredibly dangerous situations.

Why diabetic people should not have a restrictive diet?

It’s known that food affects the mood, all the more for diabetic people, who are subject to the restriction of sugar intake. Sugar acts like the fuel for the body, it’s, in fact, one of the main reasons why most people consume it without really knowing its effects: it energizes them. This makes the general belief of it being “good” spread out like wildfire. But people with diabetes don’t have this fuel or have a restrictive diet that prevents them from consuming sugar.

This can lead to other forms of sugar consumption, even without fully knowing some products contain or metabolize as sugar. For example: juices and other processed liquids. Most of them are created with an incredibly high level of sugar and additional sweeteners. Then, if you’re banning processed sugar but are drinking a glass of storage-bought orange juice you’re doing more harm than good. Now, to the really restrictive diet part.

Diabetes requires a balanced diet, and some people (even health professionals!) give out a diet that feels more akin to a prison-like sentence to the person. This diet contains some heavy restrictions which do more harm than good. Some go as far as prohibiting carbs as a whole! Some instructions are even more restrictive, limiting the intake to selected products to a smaller number. This creates as you can imagine, issues with some people.

Their nutritional value is often off-kilter: they don’t get the nutrition they need. The real risks of an unhealthy restrictive diet are beyond bad nutrition. It’s more of a mindset: if you’re restricted, you’re more prone to fall off the wagon and end up binge eating. Or they can have health issues related to low intake of nutrients and speedy processing of the ones they do eat. Where does this leave them?

Here are some serious risks of a restrictive diet for diabetic people:

The risks are too highs as to take it lightly: people with diabetes should know and consume products that are beneficial for their health. That’s why we recommend going to an expert in health care and get a diet that’s not overly restrictive, that allows you to eat full meals that will keep you nourished and healthy! They can provide you full meal plans (with snacks included!) that will help you stay in the right lane and enjoy life to the fullest as a person with diabetes.

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bad diets
Most of the times, these diets are nothing but trouble for those who are subject to them.


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