If you take a walk almost every day of the week, your health will improve and there will be fewer possibilities of developing diseases. Walking can be done for long periods of time as it’s a lower impact exercise. There’s no limitation for walking, unless you have any disease or health condition; in that case, you should consult your doctor before starting this activity. Walking can be perfect for people with knee, ankle and back problems, people with overweight and also people with diabetes.

Reasons to take a walk

Walking it’s not a complicated activity and it can bring many benefits to your body and your mind.

  1. Helps you maintain a healthy weight: walking can help you lose some pounds and maintaining a healthy weight, but it depends on the frequency you do it and on the quality of your alimentation.
  2. Improves sleep and energizes you: taking a walk every day will help you rest better during the night and gives you more energy during the day. You’ll be able to do any activity you want without feeling exhausted, and you’ll sleep deeper for longer.
  3. It’s good for your brain: it has many benefits for your brain, it can help stave off the progress of Alzheimer’s disease, prevent the deterioration of brain tissue as we age, helps relieve the symptoms of anxiety and mental fatigue, reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia, increase creativity and improves cognitive function, attention and processing speed and memory.
  4. Reduces stress and increases self-esteem: it cheers you up, makes your body release endorphins that help reduce stress and anxiety, makes you feel more calm and collected, elevates your mood and improves self-perception and self-esteem it makes you feel proud of yourself.
  5. Strengthen your bones and muscles: walking makes bones stronger by causing new bone tissue to form, also muscles push and tug against bones, and this makes bones and muscles become stronger.
  6. Improves your balance and coordination: if you take walks frequently, it’ll help you build lower-body strength and will improve your balance and your coordination. Good balance can be compromised by certain medical conditions and medications, or lack of flexibility and uncorrected vision problems. If you have poor balance you also have higher risks of falling and causing injuries like head injuries, disabling injuries or hip fracture, this can lead to serious health problem.
  7. It’s good for your back: taking 30 minutes to walk at a moderate pace every day can be effective to reduce chronic back pain.
  8. Improves digestion: it speeds up the rate at which food is moved through your stomach and helps digest quickly the food you consume.
  9. Improves immune system: the immune system is the defense against infectious organisms and other invaders, walking helps your immune system work better, it can help bolster the activities of the immune cells, namely, the B-cells, T-cells, and the natural killer cells and It helps release faster the WBCs, so it allows your body healing faster.
  10. Helps prevent or manage various conditions:


Make sure to have a healthy diet while you practice walking and you’ll have better results, remember that it’s not just about feeling good at the moment but making changes that keep you healthy in the long term.

Incorporate this new habit into your life and take a walk every day to improve and maintain your overall health!

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Walking is an activity that doesn’t require much effort but has a fantastic impact on your health.


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