The vegan diet consists of eliminating all animal-based products of your diet. Some vegans are motivated by humanitarian concerns, but this diet also has many health benefits. However, it’s a decision you should take by yourself.

If you want to start the vegan lifestyle, you should not be worried about leaving your favorite food behind; there are many vegan alternatives to implement in your diet that would make you forget about animal-based products.

Vegan alternatives

Here you have the most commons vegan alternatives for substituting animal-based products for plant-based ones.

Meat substitutes: one of the biggest worries of people when going vegan is if there’s going to be a substitute as good as meat, and there are not just goods substitutes, these substitutes are so convincing that you won’t even miss the meat.

Milk substitutes: there are many substitutes for milk. You can use nut milk, soy milk, oat milk, hemp milk or rice milk. You can find them in many supermarkets.

Cheese substitutes: you can find many kinds of vegan cheese, and have it in blocks, shreds, and slices. Substituting cheese for plant-based alternatives is challenging, but you can try these and see if you like them:

Butter: there are many options for replacing butter: you can use oils like olive oil or sunflower oil. There are also vegan butters you can find in supermarkets, but you need to be careful and read the labels, some might have questionable ingredients, and not all margarine are vegan.

Yogurt: you can find vegan yogurt on the market, such as soy, coconut, almond and fruit-flavored yogurt, and also vegan plain yogurt.

Now that you know which ingredients are the best substitution for animal-based products, you can go vegan with no regrets!

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vegan alternative
If you want to walk the vegan path, but you feel bad for leaving so many good foods behind, don’t worry, vegan alternatives will make you forget you ever eat something different before.


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