Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we and what’s the sweetener Stevian Forte?

ATLÁNTIC LAB is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of sweeteners. STEVIAN FORTE is a sweetener created with ERYTHRITOL and STEVIA. Our formula is made using the highest technology available in a process where ERYTHRITOL (a crystallized alcohol) is crystallized with a coating of STEVIA, where it’s separated from the GLYCOSIDES of the leaf, and it’s pulverized in the ERYTHRITOL, creating a high-quality ZERO CALORIE product. It’s digested in the SMALL INTESTINE, and by not being a product akin to DEXTROSE, FRUCTOSE, and SUCRALOSE, it’s not metabolized to the blood, making it ideal for diabetics.


How do we confirm Stevian Forte is safe without affecting organs?

STEVIAN FORTE is a product like any other consumed by humans, it’s digested and disposed through the intestine, and doesn’t contain elements that are negative for health.


What issues with comfort can result from the consumption of Stevian Forte?

STEVIAN FORTE doesn’t produce any comfort issues. On the contrary, it’s highly beneficial and doesn’t add any calories to our meals.


What does Stevian Forte contain?



Does Stevian Forte contain any chemicals?

STEVIAN FORTE doesn’t contain CHEMICALS, as the ERYTHRITOL comes out of the sugarcane bagasse. When this organic compound is decomposed into an alcohol, it becomes crystallized. STEVIA is a leaf from which the 7 GLYCOSIDES are separated, using only the sweetest one and discarding the rest.


How can Stevian Forte help diabetic people?

STEVIAN FORTE is a natural product that can be used by anyone as it’s dissolved in the small intestine and discarded through digestion without being metabolized.


Can Stevian Forte cause weight gain?

STEVIAN FORTE is analyzed by the top of the line labs, resulting in a NUTRITIONAL TAB that shows ZERO CALORIES and CARBOHYDRATES in the final product, contributing in no way to weight gain.


Generally, sweeteners change the flavor of our meals. Does this happen with Stevian Forte?

STEVIAN FORTE is incredibly pleasant for the palate as it’s not BITTER, and within the long list of sweeteners, it’s the most similar to SUGAR in flavor. This is, of course, a flavor we’re used to.


Should I keep my Stevian Forte refrigerated?

STEVIAN FORTE does not require any special care.


Is Stevian Forte FDA approved?

The class A STEVIA is the only one approved by the FDA, being this the GLYCOSIDE used by STEVIAN FORTE.


What makes Stevian Forte different from the other sweeteners?

STEVIAN FORTE is the perfect SWEETENER for consumption without fooling our consumers, as our slogan promises what we deliver: SWEETNESS WITHOUT BITTERNESS.


Why Stevian Forte?

If what you want is to take care of your body without adding additional calories with sugars or sweeteners from glucose derivatives, you need to use STEVIAN FORTE. We’re SWEETNESS WITHOUT BITTERNESS.