The chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complicated condition characterized by extreme unexplained fatigue. This condition may worsen with physical or mental activity, yet it doesn’t improve with rest. Some of the symptoms are fatigue, headaches, loss of memory or concentration, unexplained muscle or joint pain, and extreme exhaustion. Even if it’s hard to feel relief when you’re surfing from this illness,  some food can make you feel a little bit of relief.

There’s no specific diet for chronic fatigue syndrome, but it’s highly recommended to improve your alimentation habits, and build a menu based in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods: it will help you feel much better.

Foods to implement in your diet

Don’t be radical with your diet, don’t cut it all out, little by little change your habits for better. Experiment with your diet and find the food that works the best for you. Remember to avoid, as much as you can, refined carbs, processed meat, lard and sugar-sweetened drinks and junk food, and limit your caffeine intake. All these changes will improve your health condition. Also making it easier to you dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome feels like the worst thing in the world, but some food can help you feel a little better.


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