For most people, sugar is a staple in their diets. For others, it can be a huge risk to their health. For those with diabetes, food allergies, celiac disease and the like, sugar can transform a pleasant day into a visit to the ER. But several alternatives have grown in popularity, looking to cater to these people, helping them have sweet alternatives in their diet. These sugar substitutes often cater to their needs for sugar intake, but, can they be harmful to gluten-free diets? What can celiac people consume to sweeten up their days? Let’s break it down to explore more about it.

Gluten free diets and artificial sugar substitutes

Many products are created to cater to the needs of people with celiac disease. From snacks to more complex menus, they are without a doubt, one of the most interesting markets for product makers. They make they produce food appealing to this ever-growing audience. However, not all of these artificial substitutes are good for gluten-free diets.

What most people don’t realize is that although you might not be having gluten in its traditional form, you can be still harming the intestines of celiac people with other ingredients. Celiacs are sensitive to coloring and other stabilizing chemicals that are present in most manufacturing processes. These can affect their already delicate digestive system, causing as much damage as a small portion of gluten.

Their caloric intake also takes a blow, as while they can be ingesting something sweet, their bodies are fooled by the overall sweetness and chemicals combined, making them crave even more sugar.

What are the risks of artificial sugar substitutes for gluten-free diets:

Why pick Stevian Forte as the sugar substitute for gluten-free diets?

But, what can they do? Simple: pick natural sugar substitutes, such as Stevian Forte. Why? There’s a list of reasons why this is the best alternative to boost their health with a snack for sweetness. 100% gluten-free and natural, this stevia comes in convenient packages, and it’s the only one FDA certified for special diets, such as gluten-free and diabetic diets. Read along!

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Celiac people have to face the decision of picking traditional alternatives, or not having sugar at all. Until now!


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