Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions in the modern world. With the rise of the processed food industry, sugar levels have skyrocketed over the past 50 years. And as sugar works triggering the reward system of the brain, you’ll see how people have become somewhat addicted to it. This leads to a significant increase in the number of people with diabetes, and it’s going to be an epidemic if we’re to believe the OMS. Because of this, people are considering alternative sweeteners for them to have. Because of this, Stevia for diabetics doesn’t sound strange to anyone. But how can we be sure? Well, there’s some hard evidence pointing out benefits from that.

Why pick stevia for diabetics?

The answer is fairly simple: because of the process that happens in your body when you consume stevia. Normal brands of sweeteners often rely solely on the fact that a product is made without traditional sugar. However, as this complex combination of peptide variations hits our body, a chemical reaction occurs: it’s the change in insulin levels. This chemical is the one in charge of regulating the level of blood sugar in your body. That’s where diabetes kicks in: the system is not 100% functional in these people.

In fact, for some, it goes even as far as needing to inject insulin for them to have a sugar processing system. As sugar is almost everywhere, you can see this process is incredibly complex. And troublesome for them! That’s when stevia kicks in. The derivative product from a leaf, seven complex glycosides, are not processed as normal sugar is. In fact, it doesn’t have a significant impact on the metabolic system. How? Most of these components are processed into a different metabolic direction or not processed at all!

The manufacturing process of Stevian Forte

Now, stevia is perfectly safe, as it will add sweetness but no metabolic risks for diabetic people. And Stevian Forte is just that! Our manufacturing process is complex, and one with state of the art machinery specially designed to do so. We break down the components of stevia leaves, and we use only one of the glycosides, the sweetest one, to make our product. Then the stevia component is coated in the crystals of erythritol, the sugar cane component (comes from the bagasse), for a coating to make it even sweeter. This coating, however, doesn’t have any of the complex peptides that form sugar.

But why do we do this? Erythritol is not processed in the upper digestive system; instead, the small intestine takes charge of it. It’s broken down, but not absorbed, having no impact in the metabolism of diabetic people. This means that they get sweetness, without any drawback as no sugar components come into their bloodstream, helping them keep their sugar levels steady even after eating sweets made with Stevian Forte.

Are you looking for a stevia alternative? Then we’re right up your alley. Make sure to check out our website to know the other options you have when it comes to picking a product that’s 100% sure for people with diabetes. You’ll see a huge difference!

stevia for diabetics
Learn how this product became the 1st ever FDA certified stevia for people with diabetes.

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