Have you ever heard about “stevia”? I’m sure you have, it’s one of the most googled health-related words right now, along with chia and quinoa. And maybe your daily protein supplement. But let’s not divert from the original idea: being crazy for stevia. Most people nowadays have a trend-setting notion of what to consume. They believe in health gurus, influencers and the like to make choices when they’re getting something. But what possessed the world when it came to stevia? Well, it’s benefits and the fact that it’s the best thing to happen to many in the past years.

Crazy for stevia: a story

A diabetic person was looking for alternatives to eat sugar. Most of them were sweet, but they weren’t exactly great. Fast forward to a few months, this person is tired of typical brands of sweetener. Someone recommends him stevia, and casually perusing the aisles of a supermarket he finds Stevian Forte. It’s the stevia so many people told him about! He picks it up, puts in the cart and off he goes. Ending his perusal, he buys the package, containing 40 individual envelopes that promise him to be perfect portions for a cup of coffee.  


He finds himself in the kitchen counter thinking, “Should I try it?”. In the end, curiosity takes over, and he pours a package into the cup of coffee. And the flavor floors him. Unlike all the other alternatives, this is not sweet-then-bitter experience, it’s flavorful and soft, without any of the strange flavor people told him about when they talked about stevia. This is it; this is what he was looking for.


Stories like this are not uncommon for Stevian Forte. This product has changed people’s lives for good. But why do people talk so much about stevia? What makes it the best sweetener alternative in the market? Today we’ll share some tidbits about this amazing leaf and its health benefits!

Reasons why stevia is the best sweetener

As far a the reasons, however… it’s not just one. There are many reasons why stevia is the household name of health nowadays. Here are some of the reasons why the world is crazy for stevia:

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