Cheat meals days are probably the favorite part of the week for most people. It’s when you finally get a kind of price for eating healthy all week long! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a heavy or otherwise not-so-healthy food? Or maybe dessert? Keep reading to know everything about it.

Cheat meals: how do they work?

We’re talking about that meals you can have with no regrets once or twice a week. For example, a hamburger, pizza, tacos, french fries, chicken wings, chicken tenders, ice cream, brownie, or any not-so-healthy food of your preference! The key to doing this is eating as healthy as possible most days, taking care of the calories, and choosing right what to ingest. Of course, we can’t forget to exercise properly during the week. If you are following these tips, you’ve earned your cheat meal, even if you are in a weight loss plan!

What you should know about cheat meals

When is it better to have a cheat meal?


Lose the fear of having junk foods, desserts or drinks once or twice a week; it will not harm if you do it correctly. Enjoy. Life is about balance, don’t forget about it.

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As part of your diet, learn to enjoy a cheat meal.

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