The best way to teach our kids healthy habits is starting when they are little kids, but sometimes it’s better late than never. Here we have tips about what is the right diet and exercise for teenagers.

Healthy habits for teenagers

We have to keep in mind that the teenage years are complicated. All kind of changes start in this period of a person’s life, psychologically, hormonally, and socially. The body starts changing as well, and suddenly they’re not little kids anymore. Interests and desires are different now. Healthy habits are important for teenagers to help them through this phase of changes and make everything that’s going on around them less overwhelming.

Plus, nowadays social media has made life different from before; kids and teens are growing up in this world of globalization and media, where ideas and tendencies proliferate too fast, and can cause them confusion or depression for not “fitting in” with the current idealizations and tendencies. This is an important topic to discuss with young people to avoid having them grow adopting misconceptions and therefore having a misguided perception of life.

For proper health, follow these tips:

Make sure they get the message that they don’t need to rush into growing up. Teenagers need to live every stage of their lives to the fullest, but responsibly.

Example of a Healthy Diet plan for Teenagers



P.S: two days a week a pizza, hamburger or any other similar meal would be okay.


The best choice is to drink water with meals. Sodas and juices are for once in a while, not daily.

Remind them that what you do to your body today has consequences for tomorrow. Teenagers will be shaping their bodies into what they’ll look like in the future. Healthy habits will help them become healthy and happy adults with high self-esteem and a strong immune system. Think about that and follow our tips starting now!

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Teenagers have special dietary needs. Do you know what they are?

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