Our body is full of natural hormones that make our organism work right. Insulin is one of them; it’s produced by the pancreas, which is a gland located behind the stomach. Insulin is in charge to transform glucose into energy. Glucose is a type of sugar found in many carbohydrates that we daily ingest so when insulin is not working right this affects us by not being able to manage the levels of sugar in our blood.

Insulin importance

When this hormone isn’t able to balance the levels of sugar in your blood, it causes an insulin resistance which doesn’t allow sugar to go properly to your cells and this sugar can’t be used as energy. Hypoglycemia (low levels of sugar in the blood) or hyperglycemia (high levels of sugar in the blood) are caused by this problem and might bring you sugar level problems in the long term.

All these sugar control problems lead to diabetes. Diabetes occurs when your body is not using insulin properly or doesn’t produce enough of it.

Prediabetes exists. It means your sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed with the condition. This happens when the person already has insulin resistance or a low produce. Most people with prediabetes develop diabetes type 2 with the pass of time.

Diabetes type 1. A person develops diabetes type 1 when the pancreas is producing little insulin or just stopped producing it.

Diabetes type 2 is when the body just stops responding to insulin. The pancreas will start producing more of it, but it will not be enough to make what the body needs. Women can develop diabetes while pregnant, and this is called gestational diabetes.

Are you likely to suffer this?

Wet don’t completely understand what causes insulin resistance or prediabetes, but it is linked to overweight and physical inactivity. So make sure to eat healthily and exercise. People over 45 years with an excess of weight and sedentary lifestyle are pretty likely to develop one of these medical conditions. Also, people whose relatives suffer from these conditions need to be extra careful; so do people with heart diseases.

Prevent it before it happens…

If you’re overweight no matter your age, start to change your lifestyle today. Do it for your health and quality of life. Make a plan of healthy eating and exercising, step by step. Extreme changes can have high negative impacts in ourselves so you can start slow. Adjust your diet little by little to a healthier one. Start working out by small steps and increasing your routines with the pass of time. You can reverse these problems doing this in case you suspect you might suffer them.

If you’re suspicious of something, go to the doctor. They diagnose insulin resistance and prediabetes by blood tests and will guide you in this. There are different treatments and ways to deal with this.

Anyway, in case you’re diagnosed with an insulin problem, is not the end of the world. Nowadays people with this medical condition are more encouraged to have a normal life. Just have to be a little extra careful, but it is okay. Remember: Stevian Forte was created thinking in everyone and how people with diabetes should enjoy the sweet side of life just like everyone else.

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