Hormones have control of absolutely everything in our body: our mood, our feelings, our energy, our appetite, our sexual desire, our weight… everything. Hormones work as a team, they all need to be in the right place, right time, and the right amount, so they don’t affect the proper function of others. When one of them starts failing some way, the others will eventually do it too. That’s why is important to know what they are for.

Which are the ten principal hormones in our bodies?

Tips to make your hormones work better

Check your doctor in case you have any suspicious of something going wrong. Do not self-medicate and try everything the more natural as possible. Don’t use pills in case you don’t need them, because there are some habits, such as what you eat and how you workout, that are capable of improving the function of the hormones or correct hormones disorders in your organism, with no need for a pill.

Now you know a bit more about hormones and what to do to improve their functions in your body. Follow us for more!

It is essential to know if everything is working how it’s supposed to.

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