How Good is Swimming for Your Body?

Practicing a sport is always good for your health, body, and mind, swimming keeps you active, focused, motivated and in good shape. Plus, it does good to your muscles, organs and many other things. This is an excellent option for anyone to practice, is very popular and it is a low impact activity that helps […]

Recipe of the Week: Light Pumpkin Pie

There are many ways to innovate in the kitchen! Healthy doesn’t mean boring or tasteless. Join us in this recipe to prepare the perfect light pumpkin pie. An excellent option to share with family or for an afternoon with friends! Plus, pumpkins bring many benefits to our health because they are full of vitamins, fiber, […]

Healthy Snacks You Can Easily Prepare

These recipes are perfect for those moments: a couple of hours after lunch, when you really want to get something to eat and do not know what can it be. Here, we offer you easy, healthy snacks for these moments of anxiety. Continue reading. Why is good to prepare healthy snacks? Get used to eating […]

Boost Your Metabolism: Is It Possible?

How does metabolism work? Is it the same for everyone? How can I speed up mine? There are many questions people ask themselves when interested to improve their health or want to lose some weight. But most people don’t know what metabolism is and what it does to our bodies. Anyway, here we explain everything. […]